What lives in the river?

The animals that live in the river must be adapted to their environment. Can you match the features of the mini beast with  what it is adapted for?

a) Three long tails                                    1) To breathe underwater

b)  Gills                                                       2) To hold onto rocks so it doesn’t get washed away

c) Camouflage                                           3) To search for food

d) Hooked feet                                          4) To help it move by swimming

e) Hard case                                               5) So predators find it hard to see

f) Feelers and big eyes                             6) To protect against the flow of water and moving rocks

Food chains

All living things need food to survive. Plants get their energy from the sun and make their own food. They are called Producers.

Some animals eat plants. These animals are called Herbivores.

Other animals eat other animals. These are called Carnivores. 

We can link animals together in a Food chain. The arrow means ‘is eaten by..’

In this food chain the worm eats the algae, the fish eats the worm and the kingfisher eats the fish.

Can you describe what is happening in these food chains?