Sarah Clarke

Senior Catchment Partnership Officer

After graduating in Applied Biology from the University of Leeds in 1999, Sarah started her career working for the Centre for Aquatic Plant Management, where she spent much of her time testing ways to kill invasive non-native aquatic and riparian plants that can choke waterbodies and threaten native species and habitats. She also conducted river plant and habitat surveys, feeding a love of rivers gained from childhood holidays walking in the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales, and Sunday strolls along the River Wear in Durham.

From there Sarah moved on to work for a national aquatic science consultancy and then to build an aquatic ecology team within a Yorkshire-based environmental consultancy, broadening her expertise in aquatic and riparian ecology along the way. She’s managed a range of desk, laboratory and field projects, gaining experience of working with a wide spectrum of clients. During her career, she has been lucky enough to survey many of the UK’s flagship SSSI and SAC river catchments (along with plenty of less salubrious sites). She also continued to work on control of Invasive Non-Native Species (INNS), particularly at sensitive and protected sites.

Following a short stint freelancing part-time around family commitments, Sarah once again returned to work to tackle the problems caused by INNS, this time focussing on prevention as better than cure. As Project Officer for the Yorkshire Dales Biosecurity Project at the University of Leeds, she worked with partner organisations with a footfall in the Dales area to help them to implement practical biosecurity measures across their operations.

Prior to starting a family, Sarah enjoyed hill-walking, badminton, cooking and reading, but currently spends much of her spare time painting rocks and watching My Little Pony (which she is surprised to find she rather enjoys).

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