About the DVRN

 Healthy Rivers, Abundant Wildlife, Valued By Communities

We are the Dales to Vale River Network. The catchment partnership for the Swale, Ure, Nidd, Ouse, and Wharfe.

Formed in 2013, we bring together local people, communities, organisations, charities, and businesses to make decisions on managing our riverine ecosystems, turning our collective vision and plans into action on the ground. Through working in partnership, we strive to ensure that the river environments of our catchments are thriving and supporting biodiversity, as well the needs and well-being of communities, now and in the future.


Connecting with a wide range of partner organisations, charities and businesses, collaborating at scale means we can level-up positive environmental change for our rivers.

As a Catchment Partnership, the DVRN works to principles of

Our Focus

Making Our Vision a Reality

Swale • Ure • Nidd • Ouse • Wharfe

8 Kings Court,
Pateley Bridge,

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