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A place for farmers and landowners to understand more about Natural Flood Management

Flooding is nothing new. Humans have lived with extreme weather for thousands of years. However, recent trends in climate change science predicts an increase in occurrence and severity of high rainfall events resulting in increased flood events. There is increasing political and public interest in how the management of the wider countryside can contribute to the UKs flood defence system, with particular reference made to natural flood management (NFM).

Farmers could play a critical role in helping to reduce downstream flooding and therefore an integral part of the solution. 

How are we working with farmers?

We work with farmers in a number of ways, we run a Countryside Stewardship Facilitation Fund and support a number of others. We provide advice and guidance to farmers through NFM Farm plans, one to one visits and running training workshops. We also provide financial support for interventions and capital works on the ground. 



Want some advice?

Do you live in Wensleydale or Wharfedale? If so, you could be eligible for a free NFM Farm Plan.

What is an NFM Farm Plan?

A NFM Farm plan is a bespoke plan for your farm, where we highlight possible NFM opportunities throughout your holding, draw up costed specifications for top three interventions, provide case studies, examples and suggest possible funding avenues. 

What does it involve?

The Farm plan takes half a day, were we require 1 hour of your time to discuss your farm and priorities of your business, this will help us create a more bespoke plan. We then go out and walk the farm, highlighting and exploring opportunities. A farm plan is created within two weeks of the visit, provided in hard copy and pdf form. We then provide a follow up visit where we can discuss opportunities and help with funding.

Are you interested?

Get in contact: info@ydrt.co.uk


“We greatly appreciate your help, advice and ongoing support for these proposals which are going to benefit not only our farm but also help prevent flooding of properties and infrastructure downstream”

Audrey ThornborrowFarmer, Wensleydale