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Useful case studies from different areas in the UK

  • Ripon Land Management Project

    This short project aims to augment the current state of knowledge by using sensitivity testing as a means of indicating the potential impact that changes in runoff characteristics from farms and sub-catchment areas may have on the generation of floods at the catchment scale. Quite an old document, but very interesting.

  • The Pontbren Project

    One of the early flagship catchment scale woodland creation projects. The scientific data from Pontbren is now being used to study the effects of land use on bigger catchments prone to flooding.

  • Holnicote- From source to sea

    In 2009, in response to one of the recommendations of the Pitt Review of the Summer 2007 Floods, Defra commissioned three new Multi-Objective Flood Management Demonstration Projects, including the Holnicote Project on the National Trust Holnicote Estate in West Somerset.

  • Slowing the Flow- Pickering

    Slowing the Flow at Pickering is exploring a new approach to flood management. It is about working with nature to try and store more water in the landscape and slow its passage downstream.

General Information

General useful information on NFM

  • Channel management

    Unsure about channel management? This grib sheet should help you understand channels, flows and stream power. 

  • Losing Ground- Managing water runoff

    Water runoff and erosion during heavy rain is a loss to the farm and a cost to society. Around 2.2 million tonnes of topsoil are eroded annually in the UK, reducing the long term fertility of the soil by removing nutrient rich top soil and organic matter. 

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