Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust & Ure Salmon Group: De-Combining Forces

A statement by Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust Chairman Chris Ryder.

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March 2018 AGM Minutes
Autumn Newsletter 2018

Take a minute to read our Autumn Newsletter containing:

  • Chairman Chris Ryder reflecting on our recent expansion and our future challenges
  • Staff News
  • River Management: The European Dimension
  • The Addingham 4 Becks Project
  • Yorkshire ICASP
  • The Call of Nature Project
  • The Bishopdale NFM Project
  • The River Oomph Project
Spring Newsletter 2018

Here is our spring update newsletter. Click the link to see what we have been up to.

Press Release: Public Goods Delivered in Bishopdale

On friday the 23rd of March an event was held at the Streethead Inn, Bishopdale where we presented our work on natural flood management, especially the work that’s been done in Bishopdale. The event was attended by other conservation organisations, farmers and MPs.

Dales to Vales River Network Launch Event of Catchment Management Plans

On Tuesday the 23rd of January 2018, 80 delegates of the Dales to Vales River Network converged on Fountains Abbey to launch the Catchment Management Plans. Click the button below to see the full report.

Natural Flood Management: Leaky Dams Help Sheet

YDRT’s Naturally Resilient has created a useful help sheet to help guide anyone through the construction and planning of leaky dams. Click the button below to access the document.

New Farming Rules for Water

YDRT have created a summary of the new farming rules for water. Click the button below to find the document. For the full government document click here!

March 2017 AGM minutes

See the minutes from March 2017’s AGM.

Winter Newsletter 2017

The YDRT has gone through some big changes recently, check out our winter 2017 Newsletter for more information.

Natural Flood Management Handbook

Check out our Natural Flood Management handbook we made with the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

2017 Summer Newsletter

Read the 2017 Summer Newsletter to keep up to date with what we’re doing.

Presentations from our Members Evening on 3rd March 2016 are available at the links below:

Salmon stocking on the River Ure

An intro to Natural Flood Management by Steve Rose

Research on Farming and Foodwebs in upland streams

River webcam at Wensley bridge.

The variability of the River Ure is part of its charm, but there are few things more frustrating than having your plans spoiled by the weather conditions. Together the Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust and Bolton Estates have installed a webcam at Wensley bridge to allow everyone to view live images of the river. The webcam […]

Day 2 on the Farm – Managing risk

Apart from some newly hatched chicks and James’ pet wallabies the focus today was on crops rather than livestock. We walked several of the crop fields with Steven, a contracted agronomist. The farm has a rotation of barley, feed wheat, oats, potatoes and grass. Steven was looking at the condition, growth stage and threats (weeds […]


Fish in Britain’s rivers are under threat from warmer waters. Cold-water species such as Atlantic salmon and brown trout, are struggling to cope as climate change brings significant increases in temperature. Today there’s a call for urgent action to Keep Rivers Cool by planting broadleaf native trees alongside river banks, creating dappled shading and stopping […]

Down on the Farm

Much of the work of the Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust involves working with farmers to integrate simple measures to improve water quality and stream habitat into farming practices. As a YDRT Project Officer I have a good understanding of how the river and its wildlife work, but having grown up in the suburbs of Middlesbrough […]