Introduction to Natural Flood Management Event – 18th December 2014

Introduction to Natural Flood Management

18th Dec 2014 Fountains Abbey Visitor Centre, Ripon


The Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust and the National Trust are holding an event on 18th December to introduce the ideas behind the natural management of flood risk to farmers, landowners and local communities affected by flooding.

Flooding has become an increasing worry to people who live in areas prone to flooding. Public funds for traditional, hard – engineered solutions such as big holding reservoirs and flood banks have become much more limited.

This event will look at other potential solutions. We will start by taking a closer look at how water moves through a catchment and the factors which create a flood. Our local Catchment Sensitive Farming officers will describe the sort of land management practices which will help water infiltrate the ground, rather than run-off, carrying sediment with it. We will hear about small scale structures which can be built in the catchment to slow the flow of water, reducing the height of the peak flow and giving more time for the water to leave the catchment without causing flooding. Finally we will look in more detail at catchments where this work has been tested.

We will end with a free sandwich lunch.

Further details of how to book are available at


Please join us!

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