River webcam at Wensley bridge.

The variability of the River Ure is part of its charm, but there are few things more frustrating than having your plans spoiled by the weather conditions.

Together the Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust and Bolton Estates have installed a webcam at Wensley bridge to allow everyone to view live images of the river. The webcam will give early warnings of potential flooding and road closures, as well as allowing anglers and other river users to view the river remotely before making a trip out.

The Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust is a local charity working to improve water quality and enhance river habitats for the benefit of everyone. Project Officer Caitlin Pearson said “We are really pleased to have been able to install this camera with Bolton Estate. We are currently monitoring the condition of the River Ure and having constant imagery will allow us to see how the river responds to varying weather conditions and activities in the Dale.”

The Ure through Bolton Estate is a top-quality river for both salmon and sea trout.  The Estate actively supports the Ure group of the Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust (formerly the Ure Salmon Trust) and in return has seen excellent recovery of salmon. Upcounts on the fish counter suggest further increases in both number of salmon in the river and the fishing season length.

Tom Orde-Powlett of Bolton Estate said “I am delighted with the installation. I hope it will enable anglers from far afield to keep an eye on the river and come when conditions are best. As well as supporting jobs, fishing revenues enable us to re-invest in the sustainable management of the river.”

The images of the river can be seen at: www.farsondigitalwatercams.com/locations/wensley

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