Abigail Mace

Farming and Conservation Officer

Abigail joined the team in August 2021, as our Farming and Conservation Officer. With a BSc in Biology from the University of Durham and a BASIS Foundation in Agronomy from Harper Adams, she has a keen interest in farming and the environment. Her career started in plant pathology, looking at diseases such as ash dieback, fusarium and septoria. When the opportunity arose to get out and visit growers across the country as a pesticide usage surveyor she took it, spending more than five years engaging with farms across the varied sectors to gather annual pesticide usage data and surrounding agronomic information, to inform a set of widely used national estimates.

Abigail will be starting her work with YDRT in the Wharfe catchment.

In her spare time, Abigail enjoys most things outdoors, from walking and trail running, camping and swimming, through to the growing sport of Ultimate Frisbee!