The main issues are sedimentation, dissolved oxygen, phosphate and metaldehyde. There are a number of large farm units in the area which would be a natural focus for advice. EA are working with universities to map sediment inputs in pilot areas. The involvement of the IDBs will be critical, but there is also a problem with surface water flows.

Having previously focused around the village of Farlington, APEM Consultants are currently doing ground surveys on water bodies downstream of Farlington.

Solutions would be to:

  • Form a project group involving EA/NFU/YWS/CFE/CSF/IDB to progress the dissemination of best practice including metaldehyde.
  • Tie in the economic value of sediment loss as a way of engaging with the larger agricultural units through targeted advice
  • Engage with the IDBs and promote the link up with universities in pilot areas
  • Investigate and co-ordinate the use of volunteers to undertake some of the walkover surveys and practical work.

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