Mid Swales Tributaries Project

Gilling/Skeeby, Scorton, Bedale and Scurf Becks

Project Overview

All of the tributaries of the mid Swale covered by this project are failing to reach good ecological status/ potential due to poor land management which is causing sedimentation problems. This project aims to prevent any future deterioration and to improve the ecological status of all of the waterbodies, working with farmers to improve land management and to carry out river restoration to improve in-stream habitat. 

What are the issues?

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These becks suffer from too much sediment entering the water, which results in the loss of an important resource to farmers. Sediment causes raised levels of phosphate and loss of habitat for fish to spawn. Too much sediment can also contribute to problems with flooding. We are working to identify sources of sediment and will work the farming community to reduce the economic loss from the reduction of sediments containing nutrients.


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