Where does all the water come from?

Water on earth is continuously recycled. The energy from the sun causes water from the land, rivers and sea to evaporate. This means it changes from a liquid to a gas. It rises up and condenses to form clouds as the air gets colder. When clouds get very heavy water droplets fall out of them as rain and snow. This is called precipitation. Water then flows through rivers and soil back to the sea and the cycle starts again.

Rivers go on a journey from the hills to the sea

Can you name the features in the picture below? Hold your mouse over the numbers to see if you were right!

How do we use water?

What do you use water for everyday? Think about washing, drinking, cleaning and flushing the toilet.

Water is essential for life. Animals and plants need water to live and lots live in or near the river. Farmers need water for their animals and crops. Industries also use a lot of water.

We are very lucky to have fresh water to drink and use. In many countries clean water is very difficult to find and people have to walk many miles each day to get water.

Fill in the work book from Yorkshire Water to work out how much water you use everyday.