Here are links to a selection of useful papers:

Research relating to the rivers of the Yorkshire Dales


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River Ecology, river restoration, biodiversity and ecosystem services

An insightful overview of River Ecology:

Ward, J.V. and Tockner, K. (2001) Biodiversity: towards a unifying theme for river ecology. Freshwater Biology46, 807-819.


A closer look at the theories of river restoration:

Palmer et al. (2005) Standards for ecologically successful river restorationJournal of Applied Ecology42, 208–21.


Functioning and food webs in freshwaters:

 Woodward, G. (2009) Biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and food webs in fresh waters: assembling the jigsaw puzzleFreshwater Biology54, 2171–2187.


Can we, and should we, put a monetary value in our rivers?

Egoh, B et al. (2007) Integrating ecosystem services into conservation assessments: a review. Ecological Economics 63,  714-721.


What algae can tell us…

Kelly, M., Krokowski, J. and Harding, J. (2016) RAPPER: A new method for rapid assessment of macroalgae as a complement to diatom-based assessments of ecological statusScience of The Total Environment.

General Resources

Reid et al., 2018. Emerging threats and persistent conservation challenges for freshwater biodiversity. Biological Reviews 81, doi: 10.1111/brv.12480


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