Rivers In Elmet Project

The Rivers of Collingham Becks, South Milford, Mill & Bishop Dyke, Cock Beck and Thorner Beck

Project Overview

The overarching aim of the project is to improve the Water Framework Directive classification of the catchment. This shall be achieved by targeting our work towards the issues highlighted from walkover surveys conducted in early 2016. Overland run-off and bank poaching were identified as the most common issues. The project will also incorporate Natural Flood Management measures within individual projects to reduce flood risk in the village.

In developing this project, the Yorkshire Dales River Trust have worked closely with South Milford Against Flooding local group. Engaging with the local community and specifically this interest group will be central to the project.

What are the issues?

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The Yorkshire Dales River Trust is looking into introducing a Retention Pond near to Mill Dike. A Retention Pond is a permanent pool of water that has the capability of storing more water floods and storms. The excess water stored is slowly drained out to leave the pond with its normal level of water. Unlike a Detention Pond which drains completely, the Retention Pond will allow a flooding defence that keeps a permanent habitat for water life and birds.


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