Sewage pollution, floods, droughts, species decline, loss of habitats, invasive species. Every day there seems to be more bad news for our rivers. It can feel overwhelming, but here at Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust, we are committed to finding innovative solutions to the pressures facing our rivers. We believe that if we all work together – YDRT, our partners in the DVRN  and you, we can make a real difference


You can help by....

We offer a range of volunteering opportunities to both individuals and organisations.

Invasive non-native species (INNS) pose a significant risk our rivers.

The less water we use, the more water remains available in the environment for wildlife and ourselves for the generations to come.

Voting for rivers

Use your power as a voter to stand up for our rivers and advocate for their protection and restoration at this general election. By engaging your local candidate in person or online with some key questions you can be a voice for nature.