Why NFM?

Natural Flood Management will not prevent flooding, however it could be an integral part of our approach to manage flooding within the UK.

By working with natural processes and features within the landscape, NFM can deliver multiple benefits – improving connectivity, biodiversity and habitats that create greater resilience and adaptability within our catchments.

How NFM works?

NFM Techniques we use

Slowing Water

Riparian buffer strips

Riparian tree planting

Large Wood Debris features

Holding Water

Floodplain bunds

Flood bank removal

Sediment traps

Intercepting Water

Woodland creation

Moorland restoration

Soil management

Useful Links

Practical Guides

CIRIA Natural Flood Management  Manual

Working with natural processes to manage flood and coastal erosion risk

Channel Management

Losing ground
– Managing water run-off and soil erosion

Case Studies

Bishopdale NFM

Collingham NFM

Brompton NFM

– From source to sea

– Slowing the Flow

General Information

Planning advice for intergrated
water management

ICASP NFM Community of Practice

Funding for NFM Projects

The Rivers Trust NFM Hub

NFM Engagement Tools

Flood and Coastal Erosion Engagement Tools