Project Overview

A partnership project hosted by YDRT, working through the Dales to Vale Rivers Network (DVRN) to:

  1. Drive action on biosecurity within the Swale, Ure, Nidd, Ouse and Wharfe (SUNOW) catchment building on the work of the Yorkshire Dales Biosecurity Project, rolling it out to the organisations within the DVRN, to reduce the potential for the spread of Invasive Non-native Species (INNS) to and within our catchments as far as is possible/practicable.
  2. Scope and coordinate a strategic approach to the control INNS in the SUNOW catchments.

Project aims

  • Engaging with recreational groups, e.g. anglers, boaters, etc to encourage the take up of simple biosecurity measures within the catchment.
  • Help to draw up biosecurity plans and provide models for partners to promote biosecurity.
  • Mapping INNS and collating information to target key areas.
  • Initiate a strategic programme of control for priority INNS, using the “catchment down” approach.
  • Co-ordinate the development and implementation of a continuous monitoring strategy for INNS across the catchment and act as a rapid response team to implement control of new/priority INNS within the catchment.

Beginning in 2022, YDRT have begun work to identify INNS on the tributaries to the River Wharfe and River Swale. 

In conjunction with recent EA work to clear INNS from “Main River” sites, the INNS out team have begun conducting landowner engagement along tributaries of the main rivers, aiming to eventually survey for INNS and implement interventions in these areas. 

Through this “upstream down” approach, it is hoped that INNS can be successfully managed throughout our catchments by clearing the highest points of infection, and therefore limiting the risk of re-establishment downstream.