Project Overview

We are back working in the Mid Swale catchment! Over the past six months we have been re-engaging with farmers and landowners in the catchment and connecting with the Environment Agency, angling groups and the Wild Trout Trust to pick back up from where we left off in 2019. We have an aspiration to improve instream habitats and tackle some of the barriers to fish migration, to allow fish to move upstream to spawn, find new territory and habitat. This is a key factor in improving resilience of fish populations and to help restore natural processes. Working alongside partners and communities we hope to continue to deliver interventions similar to the works carried out between 2016 and 2018. You can read about the project history below.

Project History

In 2015, the Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust (YDRT) carried out walkovers across six waterbodies, located in the Bedale, Scorton and Skeeby areas. Following the walkovers YDRT produced a Mid Swales Tributary (MST) catchment restoration report. The report highlighted opportunities and prioritised farms where work could be carried out across the waterbodies. Funding was obtained for three consecutive years (2016-2018) to help deliver a range of interventions to help improve the ecological status of these waterbodies. The funding enabled YDRT to work with 11 farmer/landowners. Deliverables included livestock exclusion fencing, to reduce the amount of bank erosion and enable riparian vegetation to establish. Volunteers contributed over 800 hours to the project and learnt a variety of skills, including willow spilling bank protection, installation of instream flow deflectors, tree planting and how to carry out walkover surveys. Walkover surveys covered approximately 80 km of watercourse, which identified over 260 issues across the waterbodies. This enabled YDRT to prioritise project delivery in areas which presented several issues.