Project Overview

This Lower Swale catchment project is using a catchment-based approach to engage with local landowners and communities to improve water quality and ecological functioning of the watercourses. There is also potential for natural flood management (NFM) measures, particularly to protect the town of Thirsk.


  • Investigating and mapping sources of pollution, opportunities for NFM and habitat improvements.
  • Planning delivery of works complementing Sustainable Futures – a sustainable agriculture initiative – and the New Environmental Land Management Scheme (NELMS).
  • Appraising the options of reducing barriers to fish on Cod Beck.
  • Engaging with residents, groups and children to connect them with local watercourses, including developing citizen science monitoring.
  • Engaging with local landowners and farmers to prevent diffuse agricultural pollution.
  • Improving the river habitat corridor along Cod Beck and its tributaries, enhancing and reconnecting 35 Km of priority habitat.
  • Improving water quality and in-stream habitats by reducing sediment and nutrients entering the water courses.
  • Increasing carbon storage through tree planting along the becks, which also reduces run-off, provides diversity of in-stream and riparian habitat and reduces summer river temperatures, helping to increase resilience of aquatic communities to drought and other environmental changes.
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