Project Overview

Bishopdale beck is a tributary of the river Ure that runs from Kidstones Pass to its confluence with the Ure near West Burton. The dale is over 7 miles long with steep valley sides and is mainly pastoral farmland. The aim of this project is to reduce the height of the peak flow during flood events, slow the movement of water within the catchment and help protect the local communities from being isolated. This project will work closely with a number of organisations as well as local farmers, communities and landowners.

NFM Interventions


The focus of this project will be on reducing flood peak and the time it takes for water to transfer throughout the catchment by using natural flood management techniques and soft engineering. These methods vary greatly, from intercepting rainwater with tree planting, to the short term storage of water in offline ponds and scrapes as well as by helping farmers to improve their soil health to allow the ground to hold more water. The effects of this work will be monitored and compared against flood events in Waldendale, the neighbouring dale that is generally similar to Bishopdale.