Project Overview

The Yorkshire Dales Biosecurity and INNS Steering Group were formed in February 2015 to develop a strategic and coordinated approach to biosecurity and the management of invasive non-native species (INNS) in the Yorkshire Dales focusing on aquatic and riparian INNS which threaten its river catchments. To this end, the group has developed Yorkshire Biosecurity and INNS strategy with three strategic aims, based on the GBNNSS’ strategic aims:

1. Reduce the risk of introduction and spread of INNS to/within Yorkshire;

2. Early detection of, and rapid response to, new incidences of INNS within the Yorkshire Dales;

3. Long term control, or eradication where feasible, of identified priority INNS.

In collaboration with CEFAS and the GB NNSS, the University of Leeds have developed an e-Learning resource on biosecurity for researchers. The resource complements e-learning for managers hosted by the NNSS. This resource is aimed in the first instance at academics and field researchers working in the field whose activities may incur a risk of INNS spread.


The group received a NERC fund in 2017 to carry out a project focused on aim 1, working with the partner organisations to identify where their operations may pose a risk in regard to the introduction or spread of invasive non-native species within river catchments in Yorkshire and to help develop and implement protocols and procedures to lessen these risks (i.e. biosecurity measures). The biosecurity measures are tailored for each organisation and are the result of consultations and refinements to represent the needs, barriers and opportunities that each partner has in relation to the uptake of biosecurity, ultimately coming up with workable and effective solutions.

We are working with eleven partners which have a stake in the natural environment of Yorkshire, who are working together to try to lessen the impact of INNS within the region. These are:

Aire Rivers Trust

Environment Agency

Forestry Commission

National Trust

Natural England

Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Ribble Rivers Trust

University of Leeds

Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority

Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust